It’s a Sale

(Its been a busy couple of months at work and I’m way behind on my postings.)
Customer’s queuing up for the opening of a department store sale.

To the back of the line

The back of the line (its well marked)

Store opening

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6 Responses to It’s a Sale

  1. Santiago Bustamante says:

    Beautiful! Thank you very much!

  2. Hi! I like your blog and your photos, but I can’t help it: isn’t this the sadest thing on hearth people queuing for the opening of a store?! (ok, I admit there is worth but anyway…)

    • Ken says:

      Yeah I agree its sad, but the ones in line didn’t look sad…not to mentioned I also went in and checked it out.

  3. lrntn says:

    Fabulous shots! And though I don’t live in NYC, I’m sad that the only Takashimaya in the US closed a few years ago…not really affordable, but that’s besides the point.

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