Nezu Tofu Breakfast

In the morning, we headed to Nezu for breakfast – I jogged there, my wife took the subway. The jog took me through Ueno Park and a slight detour through Yanaka.

Breakfast was at a tofu maker’s shop, Suda, they have a retail shop/factory where breakfast is served and another restaurant location.  Breakfast starts with fresh thick soy milk.  Then comes scooped tofu, fried tofu, egg omelet, miso and rice. The tofu was excellent but I think the Meiji Zaru Tofu made in LA and sold in San Diego at Nijiya Market is just as good – this LA Weekly article raves about it.

After breakfast, we took a walk around Yanaka. We encountered a lots of umbrellas being dried out after the recent rains.


The Tokyo Sky Tree tower going up in the background – don’t understand why they have to still build these huge communication towers.

Cooking school:

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