In Tokyo we went for lunch in the Yanaka area, where I spent every summer and lived for several years as a kid.

We had chilled udon at a noodle shop. The chilled udon was excellent.  It was a Sanuki-style udon.  The chilled udon we had at Akita was Inaniwa-style. Sanuki is thicker and firmer. Both styles were excellent, but I prefer the Inaniwa-style when chilled.

The noodle shop was next to Nezu Shrine and you could see the location of my grandparent’s house, now replace by a multi-story condominium.  Such a shame that my relatives, including my mother, decided to sell the property after my grandmother passed away.  Such a perfect location.

We decided to walk around the Yanaka area.

Temporary station signs those letters are made by hand from masking tape.

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5 Responses to Yanaka

  1. steve says:

    These are beautiful photos but why are they strangely blurred. I don’t think this is the way depth of field is supposed to work.

  2. 妻ですが says:


  3. bill white says:

    I have been enjoying following the construction of your home. I am in the planning / design phase of a re-model myself and appreciate the attention to detail you have achieved. Question: What is the material shown in the photos that is light in color and has the appearance of being bolted to the structure. It looks like limestone, but the bolt pattern threw me off…


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