Another change of plans


After our original house was demolished, the plan to cut down 2 huge Juniper trees was changed once the architect reevaluated the lot without the house. Today there was an attempt to trim the 2 trees so that there would be sufficient room between the new house and the trees. Unfortunately after some initial trimming, it was determined that no matter how the trees were trimmed they would become sufficiently unbalanced to pose a risk of falling down onto the neighbor’s roof. Which is a bad thing. So the trees were cut down and the architect is making another iteration on the design of the ofuro area that is adjacent to the trees.

The architect has made several significant changes to the ofuro area during the design process and now during construction. Being both the architect and builder, it gives him the flexibility to make refinements to the design even after beginning construction. I think its a good thing. The changes have been for the better, although I did like the initial design the best. However that design was not feasible due to its high cost.

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    Can you communicate us the plan(shot) of this house which we find extèmement beautiful. What is its surface?
    We thank you.
    Mr FLEURY de Paris FRANCE.

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