Honolulu Once Again

Its been an unusually busy week and its not work.  Skiing in Mammoth, watching Roger Federer at Indian Wells, and now Honolulu.  Its wintery in Honolulu – cold winds, rain, and some sun. Supposedly its been like this for the last 3 weeks but without the sun part.

Starved after our flight – I hate the food on Hawaiian Air.  We had a quick snack at Ezogiku Ramen – the cha-han fried rice was good – a nostalgic taste, my comfort food.  However, the ramen and gyoza were not.  To forget that ramen, we tried the tan-tan ramen and gyoza at Goma Tei.  Much better.

Then dinner at Monsen Catering…superb as usual.

The price of things has gone up here, $5 for a latte at Peets! – it was raining and I didn’t feel like walking to Honolulu Coffee. At Kapiolani Park, a small tent city is going up – the city is planning to take action and kick them out along with an attempt to move them to a shelter.

We tried dinner at Hoku’s, the view was very nice but the food was mediocre.

After a yoga class at Yoga Hawaii in Kaimuki, we ruined all its benefits by having the special Katsu-don at Ginza Bairin. Yum.

But dinner back home in San Diego is nice…

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2 Responses to Honolulu Once Again

  1. ちくちゃん says:


  2. Rupali says:

    Thanks for the shout out to Yoga Hawaii! This is a beautiful blog.

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