Japanese Barbecue


We had dinner at Tsuruhashi, a Japanese-style Korean barbecue (yakiniku) on Convoy. Its located in the same strip mall as the Original Pancake House. They also have a location in Orange County. We had Kobe beef, beef liver sashimi (yes raw beef liver), and beef tongue. It sounds disgusting but they’re all excellent.


For the day off, we were up in Orange County, caught Spiderman 3 on the IMAX…definitely worth the extra money to see it on an enormous screen. Eyed several people talking on their new iPhones with envy and had ramen at Santouka. Its the best for shio (salt-based soup) ramen, they have a store in all the Mitsuwa Markets except in San Diego. Its hard to get good ramen in San Diego, much harder to get good soba.

We were able to see several of the fireworks from Del Mar to Oceanside from our temporary housing…a nice treat.

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