Engawa (completed)

One feature we desired for our home makeover was an engawa. Its now complete and very nice. Its especially nice since San Diego is currently “lush green” and even the weeds that have taken over the grading look nice. In a few weeks, San Diego will return to being “brown”. Our builder was excited to see a weed growing on the green roof…”it works”.

It feels like we’re getting close to being able to move in now that the refrigerator and dishwasher are installed. However there is yet no electricity.

The dishwasher has a cutlery tray, which will be good for chopsticks. I can’t tell you how many chopsticks I’ve broken by putting them in a typical cutlery basket.

The driveway and siding for the garage door are next.

Beautiful sunset from our studio. It didn’t take us long to get used to living in one room.

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4 Responses to Engawa (completed)

  1. つくですが says:


  2. 妻ちゃん says:


    A) いったい、この家、いつできんの?
    B) 誰が考えたの、このへんな家?
    C) どーでもいいけど、いつのまに43才?

  3. つくですが says:




  4. 妻ちゃん says:


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