Zen Garden Rake

Our builder made us a gravel rake for our backyard.  It works really well.  We’ll need some practice and experimentation. I’ve been told monks at zen temple train for 10 years to master raking the zen garden gravel.  The cool cork travel yoga mat is owned by a house guest.  A small yoga class was held at the house the other day – one our backyard neighbors kid saw this and yelled “Mom their practicing yoga but they’re Japanese”…????  My wife tweaked here back today at a yoga class, hopefully she’ll get in a chiro appointment tomorrow.

Lilies and mosquito fish have been added to the pond.  The mosquito fish is for bug control, including mosquito larvae.

The bird suicides have gone down now that May/June gloom is over.  It appears that the marine layer makes it hard for the bird to pick out the windows.  I don’t want to add those semi-transparent stickers to the windows that help to prevent bird crashes.  Need to think of something else.

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6 Responses to Zen Garden Rake

  1. Txema says:

    Hello, I’m Txema and live in Monterrey (northern Mexico) I’ve been reading your blog checking the makeover of the house, it’s awesome what you have done, here in Mexico construction methods don’t use o be that flexible, are you japanese or japan-americans?

    take care

  2. 妻ですが says:


  3. David Andujo says:


    I have two real size zen gardens. One is like yours (without rocks) and the other one is designed according to the garden at Ryoanji Temple. Instead of rocks we placed parts of petrified trees.

    You may place some rocks to your garden. Playing with new shapes around the rocks will give you fresh ideas in your life and work.

    If you are interested I have the exact measures (including rocks) from the garden at Ryoanji Temple (my garden is 1:3 scale)

    Where can I find a Zen Garden Rake like yours? I have two years trying to find something functional with design.


    David Andujo
    Chihuahua, Mexico

    • says:

      The zen rake was hand made for us. I did find a site (can’t recall the name) out on the web where someone was making a few and selling them. You might google for it. We have been debating about putting more rocks. We have been currently thinking that it may be cleaner without more rocks.

    • andres says:

      Where can I find a Zen Garden Rake like this one ?
      thank you

      • says:

        The one we used was custom made. I have seen one being sold online, you might try googling for one.

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